Future Events

Mar 31

Campaigning & Cocktails in Bermondsey with PPC JP Floru

Join our PPC Cllr JP Floru for early evening delivery and drinks.

Meet Southwark Station at 18:30
Drinks at The Cut Bar at the Young Vic from 20:00

For more information contact: colm@lgbtory.co.uk

31st March 2015 18:30
Apr 15

Campaigning & Cocktails in Vauxhall with PPC James Bellis

Join our PPC James Bellis for early evening delivery and drinks.

Meet Oval Station at 18:30
Drinks at The Tommyfield from 20:00

15th April 2015 18:30
Apr 18

Campaigning in Bath

Please see: https://www.facebook.com/events/1626599424235865/

For more information contact: secretary@lgbtory.co.uk

18th April 2015
Apr 18

Campaigning in Wallasey

For more information contact: campaigning@lgbtory.co.uk

18th April 2015
Apr 23

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